• Understand the steps of the writing process.

  • Write, edit, and publish a composition using the writing process.

1. Pre-Writing

Decide what you will write about.

2. Draft

Write your first version.

3. Revise

Make your writing better.

4. Edit

Write your final version.
  • Think of an interesting topic. You can brainstorm, talk to friends, or read books for ideas.

  • Organize your ideas.

  • Make a list.

  • Create an idea web, a story map, or a flow map.

  • Choose the ideas that best support your topic.

  • Write your first draft.

  • Get all you ideas on paper.

  • Don't worry too much about style or mechanics. You can fix them later!

  • Read your writing from start to finish.

  • What can you add, remove, rearrange, or replace to make your writing better? Use the Revising Checklist.

  • Ask friends or family to read your writing. What do they think would make it better?

  • Read your writing again from start to finish.

  • Use the Editing Checklist.

  • Look for mistakes.

  • Are the words spelled correctly?

  • Is punctuation used correctly:

  • Are you using all the words in the right way?

  • Are the words capitalized correctly..


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