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My Food Plate Videos

Updated: Jan 17, 2020


Calories: How we count the energy we add to our bodies through food and drink. It is also what we call the energy we use to live.

Nutrients: Things in food that your body needs for energy and growth.

Proteins: Nutrients that are the body’s “building blocks” Your body uses proteins to grow and build muscle.

Carbohydrates: Nutrients used by your body to create energy. Carbs help your body move, breathe, and do activities.

Fats: Nutrients that give your body long-lasting energy. Your body stores the fat to use over long periods of time.

Fiber: Material in foods made from plants that can’t be digested. Fiber keeps your digestive system healthy. It helps move wastes through your digestive system.

What's Your Healthy Eating Style?

Real Solutions from Real Families

How Much Sugar is Too Much?

Whole-grain foods fuel your body and brain! Discover the benefits of whole grains and how they affect your health.

Gain a better understanding of how fruits and vegetables keep your body healthy

Protein fuels your body and brain! Discover great sources of protein you can eat every day.

Find out about the importance of dairy products and how they help kids stay healthy.

Learn about different types of fats, then find out how good fats help kids stay healthy.


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