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Mr. Diaz Welcome Video

English Language Learners
2020-2021 School Year

Hello, my name is Mr. Jose Diaz and I am your child’s ELL teacher.  I am using my class website to deliver assignments to your student to practice at home.  The Student Page of this website presents engaging guided lessons, books, games, videos, songs, and exercises. Your child will be given the opportunity to practice foundational English Language Arts and Math skills crucial to academic success. They can also practice how to type.  I get an update on progress and skills development every time an assignment is completed. 

Practice key skills online with fun and educational games, songs, and stories.

What is my Vision?


To inspire children to develop a love for reading, writing, speaking and listening in a way that provides them with lifelong skills to be successful in whatever choices they make. 


What is my Mission?


My personal mission is to provide effective and age-appropriate English language instruction (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), and to support English Language Learners to achieve in all content areas.  I'm very dedicated to enhancing our entire staff's ability to meet our academic mission and link our diverse community to our schools. Through the inclusion of parents, community members, community resources, parent liaisons, and interpreters, the Galloway Township School District works to provide a well-rounded support base for all of the ELL families in our schools.​​

Listening, Speaking Reading, and Writing – the four foundational skills of language learning.

You can’t build a house without a strong foundation. Similarly, you won’t become a well-rounded student without building upon the four foundations of language learning.  Click on the Resources Button to find great online resources for that domain.


Listening is the first domain of language learning. Students will participate in active listening behaviors that increase comprehension of oral language and utilize critical thinking skills such as compare, infer, and draw conclusions from information presented orally.


Speaking is the second domain of language learning.  Students will practice speaking English in both a social and school setting by engaging in discourse with peers and adults, questioning and contributing to discussions, using vocabulary to support and clarify messages, and speaking for a variety of audiences and purposes.


Reading is the third domain of language learning. Students will be reading to learn.  Comprehension and reading fluency will be stressed while students review phonemic skills, word decoding, and word study skills.

Online Resources

Writing is the fourth domain of language learning.  Students will be exploring a variety of writing forms, writing for different purposes, using Standard English to create formal products in a variety of genres, and creating writing products using the processes of writing.

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