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Learning Objective

Children will learn how reindeer find food in winter.

Vocabulary: antlers, herbivore, hooves, lemming, lichen

Science Focus: animal adaptations

  1. Watch a Video:

    Reindeer Rock!

  2. Read the Issue:

    Follow Your Nose, Reindeer!

  3. Play a Game:

    Run, Run Reindeer!

    Skill: consonant sounds

  4. Complete Skill Sheets
    (see bottom of page)
    Show What You Know
    Skill: comprehension
    Reindeer Diagram
    Skill: diagrams

  5. Lesson Boosters

  • Scavenger Hunt: s

  • Class Brainstorm: 
    If I Were a Reindeer

  • Hands-on Activity: 
    Make a Reindeer Puppet


Skill Sheets
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