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Write a News Report/ TV Show (Print & Video) Grades 3-6

Essential Question: What is a news report? Why do people read or watch the news? What do writers and reporters do?

Objectives: 1. Create a piece of writing that enhances the reader’s understanding of key ideas and information, using effective introductory and concluding sentences, logical sequencing of ideas and transitional words.

2. Create a clear organizing structure that includes descriptions placed in a logical or chronological sequence in ways that help the reader follow the line of thought.

3. Understand and use available resources to locate relevant information to accomplish the writing task.

4. Connect relevant descriptions, including sensory details, personal experiences, observations, and/or research-based information — linking paragraphs and ideas in ways that make a topic or message clear to the reader.

5. Improve the organization and consistency in ideas among paragraphs by revising writing based on given or self-generated criteria and on others’ responses.

6. Self-edit writing using knowledge of Standard English conventions of language (e.g., punctuation, sentence structure, language usage, spelling) and appropriate print and non-print resources

7. Prepare writing for publication by using electronic or other resources and use photos or graphics to enhance the final product.

P: Students will be transformed into reporters who write news stories that can be filmed and posted on the class website. Introduce students to the role of a reporter by explaining that they will research information for their report.

Students will choose their own story topic-based a Multi-cultural theme. Apply the Who –What –When –Where –Why –How writing technique. Students will edit their own stories, write a headline, layout the graphics and photos for the class online newsletter and video report. Use WIDA Speaking and Writing Rubrics to self-assess their own and their peers’ speaking and writing.

• While students will work independently on their own articles, they will collaborate with peers during the creating of their report. and throughout the writing and filming process to gain support, ideas, and feedback from others.


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