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Virtual Field Trip Tour of Plimoth Plantation

EQ: What happened at the 1st Thanksgiving? How do I celebrate Thanksgiving in a respectful way? How do I encourage others how to celebrate in a respectful way?

O: Learn about Thanksgiving and identify three things they are thankful for.

Take a virtual tour of the Plimoth Planation

Thanksgiving Interactive: You are the Historian

What really happened at the First Thanksgiving? Become a history detective and find out!

In this fun, award-winning activity, you take on the role of a “history detective” to investigate what really happened at the famous 1621 celebration. (Hint: It was a lot more than just a feast!) Along the way, you will read a letter written by an eyewitness to the event, learn about Wampanoag traditions of giving thanks, and visit Pilgrim Mary Allerton’s home. As a final activity, you can design and print your own Thanksgiving exhibit panel.


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