5th & 6th Grade

 Unit Objectives: 
  • Identify types of clouds
  • Discuss severe weather events
  • Discuss the effects of severe weather
Build a Kit

You're on a mission! Go through different locations with Gayle and her friends to find what you need for an emergency kit. Will you pick the correct items? Have fun and build a checklist along the way. Hurry! Your family is counting on you.

Disaster Master

Get ready for some serious adventure! Step into the heart of the action as you help the Heroes face everything from home fires to earthquakes. What should they do? Make the right choice and earn points to get to the next level. Make the wrong choice and watch out! Winners get their own graphic novel!

Disaster Videos

Learn how to survive different natural disasters and what are the things  you need to help you through them.

Types of Clouds

What's going on inside a cloud that gives it its distinct appearance? Clouds are classified according to two main characteristics—their height in the atmosphere and their shape.

Clouds Chart

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